Sing Out Strong: DeColonized Voices Zoom Concert

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Anywhere, Boston, MA

On May 13 at 8pm, White Snake Projects presents the world premiere of songs commissioned for Sing Out Strong: DeColonized Voices, in an online concert that will be as close to “live” as possible. The concert will stream on Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube. The Zoom audience will be muted during the performance of each song, but we'll unmute you when it ends so you can clap and cheer, just as you would in a concert!

For security reasons, we are asking that members of the Zoom audience register in advance. If you would like to be part of our live Zoom audience, please contact

This is the second year of a multi-year community-based project, Sing Out Strong (SOS), that commissions composers and writers to create songs based on themes that flow from our operas.

SOS: DeColonized Voices composers and writers come from all over the world, reflecting the diversity of America, and Boston in particular. They bring with them the music and stories of the Nipmuc Tribe of Massachusetts, Cape Verde, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Haiti, the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, and the multicultural melting pot of heritages in the United States. They come from diverse socio-economic, age, gender, and racial backgrounds. Some are professional musicians, some are high school students. But all are activists who believe that music and storytelling have the power to change lives.


Jaime Korkos, Mezzo Soprano

Brianna Robinson, Soprano

Tian Hui Ng, Music Director

Timothy Steele, Piano

Agnes Kim, Cello

Clare Monfredo, Cello