La voix humaine (The Human Voice)

August 14, 2020
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Online Event, Boston, MA

La voix humaine follows the story of Elle, a woman alone, exhausted and trapped, struggling to connect. In her way stands not only faulty technology but also interpersonal misunderstanding and miscommunication, alongside her own encroaching depression. As much as she detests the limits of the communication device in her hands, she knows she would be lost without it, as the only device tethering her to the person she cares most about and, ultimately, to reality.

La voix humaine modern take on Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau’s one-act opera La voix humaine (The Human Voice), debuts virtually on Friday, August 14, 7:30 pm (EDT) at , admission is free. La voix humaine is directed by Helios’s Founding Artistic Director Adrienne Boris and features soprano Théodora Cottarel in the role of Elle, with Celeste Marie Johnson as collaborative pianist. It is produced, filmed, and edited by Julien Rohel, with audio production by Ken Silber of Silken Audio.

Modular Opera Project is Helios Opera's founders’ brainchild, created to improve the limitations challenging performing artists in their ability to rehearse and perform live during the COVID-19 pandemic. After La voix humaine, the initiative’s premiere production, select performing artists will be hired to create their own virtual works remotely, receiving audio-visual training, professional equipment, marketing support, and artistic consultation from Helios Opera. The project is supported in part by Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Initiative.

Théodora Cottarel as Elle in Adrienne Boris' production of Polenc's La voix humaine by Modular Opera Project (Photo by Julien Rohel)

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