Dreamwalker Digital

October 12—December 14
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Online Event
Online Event, Boston, MA

Guerilla Opera closes out the Boston New Music Festival with Dreamwalker Digital in the inaugural opening of the Guerilla Underground, an exclusive virtual speakeasy exhibition. This virtual exhibition of Guerilla's COVID Experiments explore themes of life and transformation and expand the definition of opera in surprising ways. Unique to the Guerilla Underground, each week they'll release currated Bonus Tracks from ""Violin Spaces"" by Garth Knox played by Lilit Hartunian.

Guests of the Underground will receive a special password to gain entrance to the Dreamwalker Digital underground webpage. There you have exclusive access to digital versions of each work and much more content to inspire the imagination! Make a night of it! View these works with your whole household on your preferred device.

Dreamwalker features ""Papillon,"" a story of flight, freedom and transformation in which Aliana de la Guardia dances a folkloric tale of a Cuban refugee through the metaphor of the ever-changing life of a butterfly, featuring animation and direction by Deniz Khateri and Kaija Saariaho's ""Sept Papillons"" performed by Stephen Marotto, as well as ""Ofelia’s Life Dream"" a psychedelic tale by composer Caroline Louise Miller, in which a poet travels dream worlds exploring life and death, and drowning transforms into mysterious species of bioluminescent fungi, moths that drink tears of sleeping birds, and giant self-destructing palm trees, with direction by Laine Rettmer.