Felipe Padilla de Leon

Noli Me Tangere

June 16—18, 2017
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Composed by Felipe Padilla de Leon
Based on the novel by Jose Rizal
Artistic Director: PJ Freebourn
Music Director and Conductor: Anthony Smith


Strand Theatre
543 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA

Jose Rizal's famous novel NOLI ME TANGERE (Touch Me Not), was written in l887, yet resonates with the "social cancer" it hoped to quell in many present day countries. "NOLI" as the novel is popularly called, is one of two books written by the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal, a renaissance man, writer, poet and physician, who was inspired by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Worlds apart, both dedicated their lives to fighting for freedom and equality through the might of their pen.