Andy Vores


November 3—5, 2017
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Music by Andy Vores
Libretto adapted from the play by Henry Carey
Stage direction by Nick O’Leary


Ipswich Hall at Boston Conservatory
132 Ipswich Street, Boston, MA

Chrononhotonthologos is a world premiere opera commissioned by Guerilla Opera. The libretto is based on the absurdist, satirical play by Henry Carey from 1734. An example of English nonsense verse, it uses nonsense words as substitutes to perhaps mock public figures of its era as well as the high theater from which it takes its form. It parodies the high-blown style of revenge tragedies and operatic libretti, while attacking the amorality and depravity of the rich, privileged, and powerful. It is sung in English and will be approximately 75 minutes in duration.

Photo: Andy Vores

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